The Grenfell Tower fire is a national tragedy which has claimed at least 80 lives and displaced hundreds of people from their homes but, three weeks on, it is also showing signs of destroying the reputation of Kensington and Chelsea Council, with an overwhelming majority of the public telling an exclusive survey it has not handled the response well.

Crisis comms specialist Emily Dent, PR director at Rampart, said the council had been behaving “like an overfed rabbit in the headlights” from the moment the disaster began to unfold and that Thursday’s decision to call off the meeting had only served to dent its reputation further.

She said: “Through not acting with the appropriate speed, humanity or efficacy once the scale of the tragedy became apparent, they succeeded in killing any shred of trust the general public had in them… attempting to exclude the media and the public was bad enough but, given that media attended, Paget-Brown’s public cancellation of the meeting was poorly handled, and gave the distinct message that the council had dark secrets.”

To read the full article as featured in PR Week, with comment from Rampart’s director Emily Dent, please click here.

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