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We’ve been getting on our soapbox about a number of issues relating to negative PR.

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Bend it like Beckham?

The David Beckham leaked email scandal is a wake-up call to the PR industry on the impact of cyber crime on celebrity reputations. Compared to his footballing peers, David Beckham has maintained an almost impossibly clean image in recent years. The fall from grace is...

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Blame Game

In the media, complex stories are often distilled down to a simple good Vs evil storyline. Let's face it: it sells papers and it's easy for readers to pick a side. But, in almost all cases, there is more to the story. Those companies who come under attack when the...

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Rampart’s Christmas Clangers Countdown

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but before you relax too much, don’t forget the tips you learned in your crisis media training this year – as these poor unsuspecting souls did.   Number 5) Cereal Killer Cafe owner vs. Channel 4 When you’re in the public eye, there’s...

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Strength in numbers?

It was the Dalei Lama who said “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” It is easy for large corporations to think that a small group of angry customers won’t cause too many issues, but time and time again, social media is...

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First Big Sam… now the whole game is in hot water

After years of working with some of the nation’s top football teams, Sam Allardyce was appointed England manager in July this year, following the team’s abysmal performance at the Euro 2016 championships under the leadership of Roy Hodgson. But, just days after taking...

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Can Merlin’s humility save their reputation?

Judge Michael Chambers QC was damning in his judgement of Merlin Entertainment yesterday, saying the Smiler crash last June was a “catastrophic failure…a needless and avoidable accident”, resulting from safety protocols which fell “far short of required standards”....

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Liddle Man Syndrome

Given it has already had one newspaper closed down following the exposure of some particularly repugnant, cynical tactics employed in the pursuit of sales, News UK, in publishing drivel from the likes of Rod Liddle, is taking a rather reckless attitude to the...

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How not to do PR

The PR agency embroiled in a high-profile tabloid spat this week is now experiencing their very own PR crisis - and it could have been avoided, if they’d only adopted a gentler approach to a customer dispute. The media is now flooded with images of their former...

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Five don’ts when handling a social media crisis

Along with the world of opportunity social media brings, it also represents a significant brand risk to businesses when disgruntled customers take to Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook to voice their frustrations. Despite PR teams up and down the country advising...

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Spell and… Stay?

With the backlash to its well-publicised ‘impossible’ competition, Spell and Go, worsening daily, executives at snack manufacturer Walkers must be left Golden Wondering what went wrong. With just 4% of the ‘available’ prizes having been claimed, crisp-eating...

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