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Since our launch, we’ve been getting on our soapbox about a number of issues relating to negative PR.

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A Presidents Club Donald Trump would be proud of

It is difficult to imagine that none of this fallout will affect individuals there on the evening, such as David Walliams and Jonny Gould. Indeed, David Meller has already decided to throw in the towel and whether minister for children and families Nadhim Zahawi will...

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When it comes to crisis comms, every minute counts

Tesco has seen its fair share of negative press in recent years – from the accounting fiasco to the timeless horsemeat scandal – its fair to say that they’ve struggled to keep their powder dry since 2014. Last week, Tesco announced that they’d be scrapping the...

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Breaking Embargos: The PR’s Biggest Pet Peeve

Yesterday, Piers Morgan found himself in the firing line yet again, after tweeting the BBC’s highest paid talent list, ahead of the 11am embargo. In doing so, it derailed the BBC’s plans, and multiple media industry leaders took to Twitter to condemn Piers’ “naff,...

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A good interview should be child’s play

The clip of Professor Robert Kelly’s children bursting into the room during a BBC interview has been doing the rounds on social media over the past week. It’s now had hundreds of millions of views - and serves as a necessary reminder on how easily a big interview can...

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When banter backfires

The trend for companies taking a cheeky tone on social media is picking up the pace, with some absolute corkers from the likes of Tesco Mobile, Royal Mail and others in recent months. It’s refreshing to see corporates get involved in banter across social media - but...

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Daily Fail?

The mainstream media is in the middle of an existential crisis. Inundated with accusations of lies, false-truths and deceptive content, gone are the days when something read in a newspaper was accepted as fact. Following a bold yet widely applauded decision by...

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Bend it like Beckham?

The David Beckham leaked email scandal is a wake-up call to the PR industry on the impact of cyber crime on celebrity reputations. Compared to his footballing peers, David Beckham has maintained an almost impossibly clean image in recent years. The fall from grace is...

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Blame Game

In the media, complex stories are often distilled down to a simple good Vs evil storyline. Let's face it: it sells papers and it's easy for readers to pick a side. But, in almost all cases, there is more to the story. Those companies who come under attack when the...

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Rampart’s Christmas Clangers Countdown

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but before you relax too much, don’t forget the tips you learned in your crisis media training this year – as these poor unsuspecting souls did.   Number 5) Cereal Killer Cafe owner vs. Channel 4 When you’re in the public eye, there’s...

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Strength in numbers?

It was the Dalei Lama who said “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” It is easy for large corporations to think that a small group of angry customers won’t cause too many issues, but time and time again, social media is...

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